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Private Sector Resume

Scroll down to see Higher Ed/College Administration Resume which is more expansive than my Business Resume


Kenrick Ali     LinkedIn     408.834.3321

Specific Areas of Qualifications & Experience

Budget, Finance & Sales

  • Experience in creating and managing all aspects of a company/department budget. (Management of $17 million).

  • Ability to create and negotiate multi-year contracts.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Oversaw development of three affinity centers. Supervise staff in four functional DEI affinity centers.

  • Successful DEI trainer for staff, departments and organizations.

  • Serve on various Diversity committees creating many DEI operational policies, initiatives and processes.

Human Resources/Recruitment

  • Over 15 years serving as the main Human Resources Manager for various departments. Oversaw all HR/Recruitment (Creation of: job descriptions, interview materials, interview process; reference checks; on/off boarding; training; benefits; payroll; professional development; supervision; evaluation/performance appraisals and staff terminations). Experience as a Technical Recruiter. Oversaw the recruitment of several senior level positions.

  • Developed exceptional recruiting systems (including marketing materials) for all staffing levels.


  • Over 20 years of experience in supervising employees in various working environments: remote, full-time, part-time, unions, COVID. Successfully supervised, coached, mentored and motivated staff through meeting personal and professional goals.

  • Proven ability to make/develop sustainable strategic decisions/processes as a department manager.

Training & Development

  • Over 15 years of experience serving in the capacity of direct departmental Trainer. Created/presented various training and professional development opportunities for staff in the areas of diversity/equity/ social justice, customer service, leadership, supervision, mediation, crisis/emergency response, ethical decision making, etc.).

  • Over 7 years serving as course Instructor/Trainer. Taught leadership development, customer service, event management, diversity/social justice and event management. Created, developed and implemented curriculum;   graded course work.


  • Experience in event management (oversee overall execution of close to 2500 annually). COVID-19 Event Protocol experience.

  • Over 10 years creating and managing departmental and organization statistics/reports. Experience in developing assessment processes and developing/implementing strategies and results driven programs and services.

  • Experience as a project/program manager, developing successful strategies in managing successful outcomes.

Education & Certificates

  • Master of Science - Northeastern University. Boston, MA. 6/98

  • Bachelor of Science - University of Vermont. Burlington, VT. 5/96

  • California Accredited Consultant (C.A.C.), California Institute of Education for Personnel Consultants of the California Association of Personnel Consultants. 4/01

Technology Skills

  • 10+ years of experience in implementing and managing various technology software used by entire company.

  • Experience developing and managing creative/dynamic websites using WIX, Go Daddy, Squarespace, Weebly & WordPress.

  • Windows: Page Maker, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Photo Editor; Google Suite Tools & Platform; Adobe Suite Tools & Platform; Team Management Software: Asana,, Slack, Trello; SalesForce Developer Training (not certified); College/University Softwares: PeopleSoft, Residential Management Systems (RMS), Advocate, OrgSync/Campus Labs, Blackboard, StarRez, Fusion, 25Live; Filemaker Pro

  • Marketing On All Social Media Platforms

Professional Experience

Director, University Union Operations—CSU East Bay. (8/16-Present)

  • Provide leadership, strategic planning and daily operational management of two 80K sq ft facilities. Oversee the management of close to 2500 events annually. Created COVID Response Plans for all operational aspects.

  • Serve as the main Human Resources Manager for five functional areas (100 employees) in all HR related functions.

    • Oversee and supervise all staff, programs and initiatives of the Diversity Student Inclusion Center (DISC). Oversee structure & development of 3 Affinity Student Centers: Black, LatinX & Undocumented Student Centers.

    • Developed annual training programs for all staff positions.

  • Manage/facilitate recruiting efforts for the Division of Student Affairs at recruitment conferences.

  • Organized the Division of Student Affairs’ annual Professional Development Series for close to 400 staff members.

  • Serve on the University’s Diversity Committee, recommending policies, initiatives and programs to the President.

Campus Administrator, BaySync—CSU East Bay. (4/13-Present)

  • Serve as Administrator for the campus engagement software for over 25,000 users annually. Chaired 25 person Implementation/Management Committee.

  • Develop annual year marketing plan to implement/introduce software to new populations. Provide monthly training. Taught seminars/classes; developed training modules, videos and manuals.

  • Collaborated with Information Technology (IT) to develop our own campus engagement software using SalesForce. Authored engagement site map. Worked with departments to customize tools for specific departmental functions.

  • One of a handful of campuses throughout the nation that integrated software utilization by the entire campus.

Associate Director-Student Housing/Director of Residence Life - CSU East Bay. (3/13-10/16)

  • Provided leadership, strategic planning and daily operational management of residential community of 1600 residents.

  • Served as the main HR Manager for 11 functional areas (150 employees) in all HR related functions. Doubled staff.

  • Developed annual training programs for all staff positions.

  • Served on Vice President’s leadership team providing direction and advisement regarding policies and procedures.

  • Developed qualitative and quantitative reports from assessment of goals, vision, initiatives and budgets.

  • Served on various campus committees for accreditation and state/federal reporting. Served on the campus Care Team managing a variety of student/employee issues. Served as the departmental liaison & collaborator for all initiatives.

  • Managed the department’s annual assessment program, analyzing and creating reports for multi-level data.

Assistant Director, Recruitment, Leadership & Training — University Housing Svcs. San Jose State Univ. (9/06-2/13)

  • Served as the main HR Manager for seven functional areas (200 employees) in all HR related functions. Doubled staff.

  • Managed daily operation of the campus residential community of 3200 residents.

  • Chaired student Social Justice Training Institute. Developed curriculum and taught leadership classes on diversity, equity and inclusion; customer service, marketing, leadership, etc.

  • Developed annual, multi-level training programs for each staff position.

  • Managed the conduct/eviction process, including the preparation/reporting of mandated statistics. ​​​​

Other Related Experience

  • Owner/Travel Advisor—MyVIPVacay. (6/18-Present) — ( - Part Time

    • Research, curate and book travel experiences for clients, working with over 100 partners. Create marketing, sales and social media campaigns to drive website and usage of services. Blog and create videos on various experiences related to traveling.

  • Recruiter - Wollborg/Michelson Personnel Service, San Francisco, CA (2/01-7/01) - Promoted

    • Served as company’s first Technical Recruiter, managed full recruitment cycle for full-time positions.

  • Recruiting & Marketing Specialist – Wollborg/Michelson Personnel Service, San Francisco, CA (8/00-2/01) - Promoted

    • Supported Recruiters in sourcing and placing full and part-time candidates. Managed and staffed employment fairs to promote company/positions. Developed marketing strategies for positions and candidates.

  • Recruiter–Temporary Positions – Wollborg/Michelson Personnel Service, San Francisco, CA (5/00-8/00)

    • Managed the placement of temporary employees to companies on a daily basis.

  • Conference Resource Consultant - National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) (6/09-6/12).

    • Advised on the management of annual multi-day regional and national conferences in areas of transportation, housing, dining and seminars. Conference attendance ranged from 500-3500 attendees.

Higher Ed/College Admin Resume

Kenrick Ali

408-834-3321 ~

Specific Areas of Qualifications & Highlights

•    Training, Selection & Human Resources

  • 10+ years serving in the capacity of direct trainer and recruiter for professional and para-professional staff.

  • 2 years serving in the capacity of recruiter in private sector.

  • 10+ years serving as the direct departmental Human Resources contact/administrator.

  • Total of 19+ years of experience in recruiting and human resources related experience.

  • Accredited Consultant with the California Institute of Education for Personnel Consultants.

  • Proven ability in developing exceptional recruiting systems (including marketing materials) for all staffing levels.

  • 7+ years serving as instructor for RA and student leadership courses.

  • 19+ years program presentation experience for training on major topics for all audiences (diversity, customer service,

  • conflict mediation, crisis response, event planning, leadership, etc).

  • Proven ability in developing exceptional training programs for all staffing levels.

•    Management/Supervision/Advising

  • 10+ years serving in the capacity of manager, with direct supervision of 3-14 professional staff; experience in supervising in a union environment.

  • 17+ years serving in the capacity of supervising student and support staff.

  • 19+ years advising student organizations.

  • 13+ years serving in the capacity of advising regional or national organizations.

  • 13+ years serving in the capacity of advising regional or national leadership conferences.

  • Proven ability to supervise and advise a variety of staff and students in various situations (supervision/advising flexibility).

  • Proven ability to make strategic decisions as a department manager.

•    Administration

  • 19+ years working in and managing complex administrative processes in higher education and public sectors.

  • 13+ years developing and implementing policies, procedures and systems for all aspects of housing (Residential Life, Administrative Services, Facilities/Custodial, Assessment, Budget/Financial/Academic Development & Planning).

  • 19+ years experience in developing a variety of creative publications and marketing materials.

  • 15+ years experience developing and understanding resident contracts and state rental laws.

  • 10+ years developing assessment strategies, surveys and using data to develop programs and services.

  • 15+ years of serving on divisional and departmental committees for selection/recruitment, training, strategic planning, etc.

  • Proven ability in developing exceptional & efficient processes to manage workload & student/customer needs.

  • Excellent ability to understand, analyze, interpret, explain and apply complex federal, state and local laws and regulations; rules and policies. Among them include: Clery Act; 2012 Student Success Act; California Education Code; Title IV; Title V; Title IX; SaVe Act; SB 967; etc.

•    Counseling, Crises, Conduct & Emergency Response

  • 17+ years managing, responding and serving on-call (direct, secondary and campus level) responsibilities to a variety of crisis, counseling and emergency situations.

  • 7-10 years serving as Operations Manager for housing during major crises or emergencies.

  • 12+ years adjudicating and/or supervising conduct cases and/or conduct officers.

  • 8 years providing campus and housing statistics and reports related to judicial incidents.

  • 1-2 years developing judicial database (currently used at the University of California-Berkeley).

  • 8-10 years’ experience in evicting students based on continual conduct violations.

  • Proven ability to manage all aspects of crises and emergencies, including developing response procedures and protocol.

•    Academic

  • 8 years as part-time faculty. Taught counseling skills, student development theory, event management and student leadership. Created, developed and implemented curriculum, graded course work, supervised Teaching Assistants.

  • Served on various academic committees including accreditation, faculty in residence, living and learning communities.

  • First-hand knowledge and research in SSSP, Student Equity Plan, Basic Skills Initiative and Title V.

•   Budget & Finance

  • 13-15 years assisting in the development and overall management of student organization budgets.

  • 19+ years developing and managing committee, organization, conference or specific aspects of dept. budgets.

  • 7-8 years assisting in the overall development and management of department budgets.

  • 10 years of experience in administering staff payroll.

  • Budget advisement/review/management range: $15,000-$17,000,000.

•    Technology

  • 7 years serving as the main administrator for university’s student engagement software. Providing support, marketing, training, user membership/management, project management/developer, form development, software structure development.


•     Master of Science - College Student Development & Counseling. Northeastern University, MA. 6/98

•     Bachelor of Science - Community Development & Applied Economics. University of Vermont, VT. 5/96

•     Graduate - Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. 6/18 & 3/19

•     FEMA Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Higher Education. 2/15

•     Mental Health First Aid (MHRA) Counselor Trainer – CSU Chancellor’s Office. 1/14

•     California Accredited Consultant (C.A.C.), California Institute of Education for Personnel Consultants of the California Association of Personnel           Consultants. 4/01

•     Trained Educator, StrengthsQuest. 11/08 - Top 5 Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Arranger, Adaptability, Significance

Professional Experience

•     California State University-East Bay. Hayward, CA

       Director, University Unions (8/16-Present)

  • Oversee the day to day management of 2 Student Unions which are self-funded enterprises totaling 71,883 square feet and is home to a variety of meeting rooms, study areas, TV lounges, casual gathering areas, commercial, office and recreational spaces.

  • Provide visionary leadership, strategic planning, and overall administration and management for the department.

  • Responsible for all activities and programs that occur within the University Unions including overseeing the entire operation and personnel, coordinating all Human Resources needs for the department. Supervision of 6 full time staff members, 20+ students.

  • Responsible for the creation, implementation, and adherence to all CSUEB policies concerning usage of the University Unions.

  • Responsible for the development, management and enforcement of the $3 million annual budget, including earmarking funds for facility improvements and programming throughout the unions.

  • Oversee the management of over 2500 events, meetings and activities on an annual basis.

  • Oversee/manage relationship with University Dining provider (Aramark & Chartwell’s) in relation to catering and retail eateries.

  • Responsible for the development and management of all strategic collaborations.

  • Oversee and supervise all staff members, programs and initiatives of the Diversity Student Inclusion Center (DISC). (through 11/18)

  • Coordinate and manage the university’s first University Hour initiative that was implemented in Fall 2018. Includes soliciting program presentations, organizing reservations, managing annual calendar, conducting evaluations and assessment of the overall program.

  • Work closely with Student Affairs colleagues, Associated Students, and other student groups to ensure that University Unions provide services, programs, and activities that encourage robust use of the facilities, and creates an environment that supports the diverse needs of a wide range of students, faculty, staff, and guests. Serve on Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT).

  • Chosen to manage/facilitate recruiting efforts for the Division of Student Affairs at recruitment conferences (2 years).

  • Organizer of the annual Student Affairs Professional Development Series.

  • Serve as first responder to campus emergencies connected to the UU buildings/programs.

  • Serve on the University’s Diversity Committee, providing recommendations on policies, programs and initiatives to the President.

       Campus Administrator, OrgSync/BaySync (4/13-Present)

  • Project Manager working with IT to develop a customized campus engagement software (using SalesForce) for a “one stop shopping” for technological needs throughout campus. Create forms, case management processes, event management, etc.

  • Serve as the Campus Administrator for the BaySync (OrgSync) software to optimize student/staff engagement through all utilities of the software. Provide monthly training and communication to all users, teaching seminars and classes on each part of the software. Provide technical support through help desk at the university. Develop annual year marketing plan to implement/introduce software.

  • Meet weekly with Information Technology and other key campus officials to manage all aspects of implementation.

  • Complete extensive marketing to drive usage and engagement in software; analyze data and create solutions accordingly.

  • Chair the Campus Implementation Committee to administer all aspects of implementation including marketing and training.

  • Conduct weekly training sessions for Users and Administrators (1000+ Administrators) to educate on how to properly use all aspects of the system. Create training documents to support training initiatives in classroom and through virtual training.

       Associate Director, Student Housing & Residence Life (Director of Residence Life) (3/13-10/16)

  • Directly responsible for the overall development and daily management of the campus residential community and Residence Life program. Supervise and manage all aspects of a residential population of 1600 residents including various off site properties. Manage day to day student issues such as resident relations, security, care, counseling and conduct.

  • Supervise and manage all aspects of the Residence Life Staff: 2 full-time Assistant Directors; 4 full-time Residence Life Coordinators; 5 part-time Assistant Residence Life Coordinators; 33 Resident Assistants and 20-30 Student Assistants. Responsible for overall supervision, evaluation, selection and training. Doubled the Residence Life staff.

  • Serve as a member of the Student Affairs Leadership Team (SALT), working to provide direction and advisement for the division’s policies and procedures for the success of students at the university. Collaborate with other Student Affairs departments, using data, assessment, student opinions and best practices to create divisional goals, vision and initiatives. Serve as a member of the following university committees: Semester Conversion, Campus Safety, Diversity, Student Care Team (1 of 15 administrators that address all cases of student care and emergencies), WASC Accreditation, Clery Reporting and Preparation and Graduation Planning.

  • Serve as the main campus liaison for Residence Life to all student affairs and academic affairs departments including Veteran Student Services, EOP, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registration, Athletics, GANAS, Student Union, Upward Bound, Diversity Center, Renaissance Scholars, etc. Collaborate with each department to manage resources and services provided to residents/campus.

  • Serve as one of 3 members of the Housing Management Team and a member of the Housing Leadership Team, working to provide direction and advisement for the department's policies and procedures for the success of the overall program including topics ranging from occupancy (considering enrollment data), recruitment and retention, contracts, financial/budget planning, crisis/counseling, administrative processes/procedures, recruitment, staff structure/management, facilities management, construction, customer service, assessment, educational benchmarking, strategic development, etc.

  •  Advise and assist in developing the department’s annual $17 million budget. Maintain annual operating budget of $2-3 million.  

  • Develop and manage a variety of departmental administrative processes through annual year process calendar. Including quarterly campus move ins/openings and closings; special needs accommodation requests; eviction decisions; evaluation (positional and departmental) processes; front desk management; statistical management; website development/update; marketing; annual awards(nominations and ceremony); recognition; risk management liaison; and creating/managing departmental publications.

  • Manage and facilitate the department’s overall annual assessment through the Educational Benchmark Inventory (EBI).

  • Serve as a 24-hour on call respondent to professional staff and other university officials, managing all crises, emergencies, Title IX incidents and day to day student issues.

  • Develop Student Success & Support Programs for residents on a variety of levels and services. Work with other campus departments and staff in managing all aspects of SSSP for students.

  • Responsible for developing the department’s Emergency Response Preparedness Plan, collaborating with campus officials on standards, expectations and procedures. Training staff and students accordingly.

  • Serve as a member of Construction Development Team in preparing all aspects of building 200-800 bed and conference facilities.

  • Serve as the Advisor to the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Advisor to the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and the overall advisor to each of the Area Councils

  • Developed leadership and training programs for student groups and advisors.

       Advisory Council, Associate Students Incorporated (3/13-Present)

•     Serve as 1 of 4 members of the campus advisory council for Associate Students Incorporated (ASI). Provide feedback and advise

       organization’s leadership and development on day to day issues.

•     Attend bi-weekly Open Forum and invited Executive Council meetings.

•     Serve as the liaison for ASI within the residence community.

•     Advise student board on University Union developments and programming.

•     San Jose State University. San Jose, CA

       Assistant Director, Staff and Leadership Development – University Housing Services (9/06-2/13)

  • Directly responsible for the overall development of the campus residential community as a member of the Residential Life managerial staff. Originally hired as the Staff Development and Conduct Coordinator.

  • Serve as a member of the Housing Leadership Team and provide direction and advisement for the entire departments policies and procedures for the success of the overall program including topics ranging from occupancy, recruitment and retention, contracts, financial/budget planning, crisis/counseling, administrative processes/procedures, recruitment, staff structure/management, facilities management, construction, customer service, educational benchmarking, etc.

  • Maintain annual budgets specific to Residential Life and position; advise in department's overall operating budget.

  • Re-developed department's entire recruiting and marketing strategies related to staffing.

  • Responsible for the overall recruitment of 16 professional and 60-120 para-professional staff members annually.

  • Directly responsible for the overall orientation and training of all positions, including developing, coordinating and presenting continual training programs for each position.

  • Supervise 4-5 Residential Life Coordinators (full-time professional staff) and 9 Graduate Assistants (part-time professional staff) in all aspects of building management. Supervise 2 ACUHO-I Interns and 4 Student Assistants.

  • Chair/Advise the Professional Development, Student Staff Selection and Student Staff training committees.

  • Serve as the Advisor to the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Advisor to the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) and the overall advisor to each of the building's Hall Governments.

  • Developed leadership and training programs for student groups and advisors.

  • Responsible for the overall management of the department's conduct and eviction processes, including the preparation of Cleary reports and other pertinent statistics.

  • Serve as a 24-hour on call respondent to professional staff and other university officials.

  • Administer staff payroll.

  • Developed curriculum and taught Resident Advisor Class.

•     University of San Francisco. San Francisco, CA

       Assistant Director, Apartment Life and Off Campus Housing – Office of Residence Life (8/05-8/06)

  • Supervise 2 Graduate Assistants, 7 RAs and 1 Office Assistant.

  • Serve as senior member of department's management team.

  • Represent the department at university committees.

  • Participate in weekly Crisis Management Team Meetings consulting with Judicial Affairs, Counseling and Public Safety.

  • Serve as on call for Hall Directors and the Dean of Students office.

  • Coordinate all residence life committees (Staff Training, Senior Staff Selection, Staff Recognition, Student/Staff/Faculty Interaction), serving as Advisor to Committee Chairs.

  • Supervise special projects and special assignments (co-created Training Intern position; facilitated Social Justice Training for Santa Clara University Orientation Department; and worked on specific off-campus housing projects).

  • Co-Manage responsibilities of the Training Intern and ACUHO-I Intern.

  • Adjudicate conduct cases, working with the Assistant Dean of Students, Coordinator of Judicial Affairs and other university officials in issuing educational sanctions and determining probationary status and/or housing termination

  • Created judicial database.

  • Co-coordinate training for professional and para-professional staff, presented specific topics based on staffing needs.

  • Updated RA Syllabus and taught section of the RA Class (Student Development Theory).

  • Implemented "Life Skills Training Series" for RAs.

  • Assist in coordination of professional staff recruitment at conferences.

  • Advise Residential Living Council (RLC) Advisors, providing training and support.

  • Manage an apartment complex of 300+ students, faculty and staff.

  • Advise students in off-campus housing process.

•     University of California-Berkeley. Berkeley, CA

       Resident Director (RD) – Office of Student Development (8/01-8/05)

  • Managed the operations of 3 resident facilities (traditional and suite style) housing 400-500 residents, including graduate student housing. tWorked with Facilities Manager, Dining Manager, Academic Programs Coordinator and Co Resident Directors in development of residential unit. Responsible for the direct supervision of 8 RAs, 1-2 Security Coordinators, 1 Program Assistant, 15-30 Security Monitors and 1 Graduate RA.

  • Oversaw the areas of training, leadership development, student conduct, administration, and programming as well as provided support in areas of counseling and crisis management. Trained new Resident Directors.

  • Oversaw the development of two theme/living and learning programs: Women In Science and Engineering and Global Environment, working with faculty and staff throughout campus in educational programming and faculty/staff support.

  • Advised 2 Hall Governments, Community Board, as well as a Peer Review Board (Student Judicial Board).

  • Worked to re-develop policies and procedures for different facets of the department, including re-structuring and organization.

  • Co-Chaired the Staff Training Committee and Chaired the Professional Development Committee for 2 years (managed budget; created vision/mission statements; created SMART goals; created monthly professional development timeline and programs for professional staff; created staff training throughout the year; and facilitated professional staff selection and recruitment).

  • Re-developed syllabus and taught the 6-week Hall Staff Training Seminar.

  • Created and implemented "Life Skills Training Series" for student staff.

  • Created department publications and related resources (including manuals for professional and para-professional staff).

  • Coordinated administrative processes for facilities and room selection.

  • Worked with Manager of Judicial Affairs and Compliance and staff in Informational Technology department on the development of a judicial database used by campus officials.

  • Managed yearly budget of $15,000-$25,000.

       Summer Bridge/Upward Bound Resident Director – Office of Student Development – (Summer ’02)

  • Worked with administrators in planning, presentation and evaluation of the university's high school to college transition program.

  • Managed a residence facility housing 140+ students for 6-week academic residential program.

  • Supervised staff of 8 RAs and 1 Community Coordinator.

  • Worked with members of the Student Learning Center, Athletic Study Center, Student Life Advising Services/Educational Opportunity Program, Disabled Students' Program, Admissions Office, Conference Services, New Student Services and Residential Staff to successfully facilitate Summer Bridge Program.

•     Wollborg/Michelson Personnel Service. San Francisco, CA

       Placement Consultant – Direct-Hire Positions (2/01-7/01) – Promoted

  • Recruited, interviewed, prepared, and completed reference checks to place candidates in full time positions.

  • Managed day-to-day client relationships, including visiting and weekly contacts to understand specific needs.

  • Conducted daily marketing calls with prospective clients to generate new business.

  • Assisted with job fairs and events presented by company.

       Recruiting & Marketing Specialist (8/00-2/01) - Promoted

  • Coordinated regional and national publicity for print publication and internet job sites.

  • Managed job postings on internet job sites and other referral resources.

  • Assisted permanent and temporary divisions in all recruiting efforts.

  • Inputted and tracked candidate flow and job orders on databases.

  • Communicated with Managers to determine recruiting, sales and marketing needs.

  • Developed marketing programs (developed new strategies to market candidates/services) for business clients.

  • Coordinated processes, themes and booths for all job fairs and branch events.

       Placement Consultant – Temporary Positions (5/00-8/00)

  • Recruited, interviewed, prepared, and completed reference checks to place candidates in temporary positions.

  • Managed day-to-day client relationships, including visiting and weekly contacts to understand specific needs.

  • Conducted daily marketing calls with prospective clients to generate new business.

  • Assisted with job fairs and events presented by company.

•     San Francisco State University. San Francisco, CA

       Residential Education Coordinator (REC) - Office of Residential Life (7/98-4/00)

  • Managed the operations of a resident facility housing 400-450 residents.

  • Supervised 20-25 para-professional staff members and 1 Assistant REC.

  • Coordinated administrative processes including opening/closing, room assignments, room changes, occupancy records, key control and front desk operations.

  • Responded to resident issues and facilitated community development and educational initiatives to meet resident needs.

  • Coordinated dissemination of information regarding pertinent campus resources for residents.

  • Assisted with the selection, hiring, training, supervision and on-going evaluation of staff.

  • Advised residence community organizations and other student committees.

  • Conducted Judicial Administrative Reviews and issued educational sanctions accordingly.

  • Provided emergency on-call assistance, crisis intervention and follow-up.

  • Served on department and university committees.

  • Chaired the Staff Selection Committee - created and facilitated processes for staff selection and training.

  • Managed Computer Lab.

•     Northeastern University. Boston, MA

       Assistant Resident Director - Department of Residential Life (8/96-7/98)

  • Co-managed 2 residence halls, each housing 250-300 students. Specifically managed facilities issues.

  • Supervised 15 staff members including selecting, training, crises response, and monitoring and supporting programs. 

  • Supervised 2-5 Office Assistants.

  • Worked with faculty and administrators in academic initiatives in honors hall.

  • Planned academic related programs and tutoring options with student staff to meet the needs of honors students.

  • Co-Instructed RA course and served on Staff Training Committee.

  • Administered $5,000 programming budgets.

  • Adjudicated discipline cases and levy sanctions.

  • Managed Computer Lab.

       Coordinator of Educational Sanctions - Office of Judicial Affairs (9/97-7/98)

  • Coordinated community service sanctions for students found responsible for violations of the student code of conduct.

  • Revised the "Student Guide To Court" handbook.

  • Coordinated the university's alcohol education program.

  • Organized the selection and training of the university's Court Justices.

  • Designed academic dishonesty programs including presenting seminars and an Academic Dishonesty Week.

  • Prepared conduct database information.

  • Maintained close contact with involved parties regarding judicial incidents and cases: students, faculty and staff.

       Graduate Assistant - Office of New Student Orientation and Commuter Services (6/97-8/97)

  • Supervised 11-33 staff members. Oversaw daily placement and responsibilities of Orientation Leaders.

  • Created Orientation Leader training schedule and provided ongoing training and evaluation.

  • Assisted in spring and summer pre-service training workshops and programs (issues of diversity, alcohol and other drug use, acquaintance rape, commuter issues and social activities).

  • Monitored, assessed, evaluated and re-planned weekly program presentations.

Advising and Related Experience

  • Associated Students, Inc.: CSU East Bay (2/12-Present)

  • RHA Advisement: CSU East Bay, San Jose State U., U. of San Francisco, San Francisco State U. and Northeastern U.

  • NRHH Advisement: CSU East Bay, San Jose State Univ., Univ. of California-Berkeley, and San Francisco State Univ.

  • Advisor, Residence Hall Association (RHA) and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). San Jose State University (9/06-2/12) 

    • Worked on the overall re-development of both organizations. Advise on every aspect of organizations' existence (training, student advocacy, leadership development, programming, facility improvement, fund raising, recognition development, finances an attending regional and national conferences).

    • Advisor to a total of 10 student Executive Board and 30 council members; meeting in 1-on-1 and council meeting basis.

    • Serve as a resource for 7 other Advisors, creating training programs and advising manuals. NRHH Advisement resulted in PACURH NRHH  Chapter of the Year for 2006-2010. Winner of several Advisor of the Month Awards.

  • Conference Resource Consultant of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) (6/09-6/12). Re-elected for 2 terms.

    • Provide on-going support and advisement in the areas of conference planning, preparation and presenting for members of regional and national affiliates of the organization (student organization).

    • Developed conference budgets and provide on-going assessment of national and regional conference budgets.

    • Manage all aspects of risk management and liability insurance for the organization (related to conferences).

    • Developed marketing materials and documents to better assist in overall implementation.

    • Managed the selection of the national Program of the Year and Student Award for Leadership Training.

    • Developed policies and procedures as needed.

    • Present leadership training sessions to executive student leadership team.

    • Present conference planning and hosting workshops at various regional and national conferences.

    • Advise members of the National Board of Directors when needed.

  • Advisor, Pacific Affiliate (PACURH) of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH) (10/01-6/06, 9/99-6/00)

    • Provided support and advisement for members of the Regional Board of Directors, Conference Staff and affiliated members.

    • Created and implemented Advisor training programs and roundtables.

    • Re-developed PACURH Policy Book.

    • Created publications and resources for constituents.

    • Worked with board in overall recruitment and marketing of organization.

    • Advised in all financial matters, including investments, budget development/management and planning, etc.

  • Advisor, Hall Association and Peer Review Board. University of California-Berkeley (8/01-8/05)

    • Advised 2 hall associations on programming and issues affecting the residence hall community.

    • Advised student judicial board on policy enforcement and adjudication of policy violations.

  • Award Advisor for programs that have been considered/won for NACURH Program of the Year (finalist in 1997, 1999, 2008, 2009), Commitment to Diversity (won in 1999) and Student Award for Leadership Training (won in 1996).

  • National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Inc. (6/93-6/96):

    • NACURH Executive Director; North East (NEACURH) Director; NEACURH Associate Director of Finance and Administration; NEACURH Regional Communications Coordinator (RCC); NEACURH ’93 Conference Chair; National Communications Coordinator (NCC).

Other Professional Involvement/Experiences

•     California Men’s Gathering – Registrar (February 2018-February 2019)

•     Western Association of College and University Housing Officers (WACUHO)

       •  Secretary – Member of Regional Executive Board – (6/14-5/16). Re-elected for a second term.

       •  2010 Conference Planning Team – (6/09-6/10)

       •  Northern RAP ’08 RA Conference – Co-Chair – (6/08-1/09); Committee Member (’99)

       •  Western Training Institute (WTI) – Committee Member – Registration and Social Chair. (9/07-6/12)

•     Student Justice Training Institute (SJTI) – Student Experience – Facilitator (7/07)

•     American College Personnel Association (ACPA) Program Reviewer (9/05-12/05); (12/08-2/09)

•     Volunteer Under One Roof (store that sells a variety of products, proceeds go to AIDS research and support groups in San Francisco). San               Francisco, CA (4/06-9/06); Stop Aids Project (’00)

•     Social Justice Trainer – Santa Clara University Orientation Leaders (6/06)

•     Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI) - Participant. Springfield, MA (6/04)

•     University of Vermont Young Alumni Committee (8/03-10/04)

Technology Skills

•     Windows, Page Maker, Excel, Outlook, Access, PeopleSoft, Residential Management Systems (RMS), PowerPoint, Publisher, Filemaker Pro,                 Oracle, Microsoft Photo Editor, Advocate, OrgSync/Campus Labs, Blackboard, StarRez, SalesForce, Fonteva, 25Live

Awards and Honors

•     President’s Who’s Who Registry – Honored Member (2010)

•     Cambridge Who's Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs - Honored Member. (2009)

•     PACURH & NACURH Dan Hallenbeck Service Award – regional & national distinguish service in advising (2007)

•     Honorarium – “PACURH Kenrick Ali Advisor of the Year Award.” PACURH. (2006)

•     Program of the Year Winner–Long Term – ACPA (Housing & Residence Life): Practicing Inclusion Program Series. (2005)

•     PACURH and NEACURH Silver Pins (2000, 1994)

•     Inductee, Phi Beta Delta – International Scholar Fraternity. (1998)

•     North East Affiliate of NACURH/On Campus Marketing’s Distinguished Service Award. (1997, 1994)

•     NACURH Gold Pin. (1996)

•     Honorarium – “Kenrick Ali Distinguished Service Award.” University of Vermont. (1996)

•     Outstanding Senior Male Service Award. University of Vermont. (1996)

•     William and Nancy Magnus Memorial Award for Outstanding service to the Office of Specialized Student Services. University of Vermont. (1996)

•     NACURH Association of Alumni & Friends Network (AAFN) Inductee. (1994)

•     National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Member. University of Vermont, Northeastern University, San Francisco State University, University of

       California-Berkeley and San Jose State University.

Presentations and Developed Training Programs (Additional Can Be Developed As Needed)

•     Build It Better With Me! A program on building group dynamics and community.

•     Caught ‘Ya Being Kind. A program on community development/recognition.

•     Challenging the Organizationally Challenged. A program on organizational skills.

•     Counseling Skills. A program to educate staff on various counseling skills and how they can utilize the skills in their positions.

•     Conference, Awards and Positional Bidding. A program on bidding for NACURH related conferences, awards and positions.

•     Exploring Your You. A program that educates about identity issues.

•     Finding the A.D.V.I.S.O.R. in N.C.C. A program that educates about the NACURH organization and structure, as well as advising an NCC.

•     Finding Your Strength. A program on Strength’s Quest and how to use your top five strengths.

•     Go For The Gold…A Celebration Of Our Olympic Leaders. A program that deals with student leadership training for RHA and Hall

       Associations. This program was the recipient of the 1996 NACURH/ACPA Student Award for Leadership Training.

•     It’s A Small World At Northeastern. A student leadership training program. This program was a finalist for the 1997 NACURH/ACPA

         Student Award for Leadership Training.

•     KINKY KNITELITE KWIZ – A program presented to educate college students on safe sex practices and STD statistics. Top 10/5

       Program Winner each time presented.

•     Knives, Forks & Spoons - The Myers Briggs Type Indicator. A program presented to understand personality types and how it affects group


•     National Coming Out Week. Developed with students of the Rainbow Resident’s Coalition (RRC), this program targets specific issues related

       to coming out. This program was a finalist for the NACURH Program of the Year Award in 1999.

•     Practicing Inclusion Programming Series. A program developed to target social justice issues. Recipient of the 2005 ACPA Commission

         Three Long Term Program of the Year Award.

•     Practicing Inclusion – Progressive Staff Training About Diversity/Social Justice Issues. A program that showcases the development and 

       implementation of staff and student training programs throughout the year.

•     SOAR (Success Of All Residents). A program presented to build community.

•     Social Justice Training for Orientation Leaders. A program developed and presented for Santa Clara University’s Orientation Leaders dealing

       with specific social justice issues the group was facing.

•     The Road Less Traveled. A program on being an ally to the GLBTQ community. This program has received top program honors each

       time it was presented.

•     The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. A program about problem solving and negotiating skills.

•     Today on Jerry Springer, My RA Wrote Me Up and I Want To Confront Him! A program on confrontational skills.

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