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Meet Komet...

Named for his comet like flash, Komet is a Maltipoo (read about Maltipoos below) and he is such a cutie with an incredible personality! You will probably fall in love with him the minute you meet him and he will be glad to help you. He will quickly try to say hello by jumping up on you to give you a hug and/or a kiss. Komet loves playing with other dogs, kids and adults, especially if they got the energy to match!

Komet is interested in modeling. His runway walk will give Tyra Banks a run for her ANTM money! Contact us if you can help his dreams come true!

Click and follow his Social Media links to see his shenanigans! Instagram & Tik Tok coming soon!

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Maltipoo Basics

This dog doesn’t merely have an obscenely adorable name. They live up to their title as well. Cute and cuddly, the Maltipoo is a popular hybrid breed for a good reason. Not only are these mixed breed pooches as sweet as they come, but they have all the traits of a fantastic companion dog. This is a pup that will steal your heart and never get it back. The major downside of owning one is merely that you’ll have a hard time accepting any other breed of dog ever again. Once you go Maltipoo, no other pooch will ever do!


This designer dog was developed by crossing purebred Poodle and Maltese. The Maltipoo is generally friendly and outgoing. This pup will act as if everyone in the world is his best bud. The love goes both ways, too. It’s inescapable. People simply can’t resist the Maltipoo’s soft coat and spunky attitude. Maltipoos are easy to train because they are very intelligent and eager to please their owners. This crossbreed is the perfect dog for first-time dog owners or for those living in small spaces with small with no yards, such as an apartment or a condo. They will fill those small spaces with their spunky energy, but thankfully your stuff will be safe from any doggy destruction.


Maltipoos are bred to be hypoallergenic dogs. However, not all puppies will grow to fulfill this hope. If allergies are the reason for getting a Maltipoo, make sure to check your reactions first. You should spend a considerable amount of time with with your puppy and others from the litter to ensure that your allergies won’t kick in. Let’s face it; nobody wants to get a new puppy only to have to give him up weeks later due to allergy problems. So putting in the effort early will save you some heartbreak, even if it’ll be tough to tear yourself away from the adorable little of Matlipoo pups once you start having a reaction. To learn more about the Maltipoo, please continue to read our detailed guide to these beloved breed of designer dog.


Cute and cuddly, the Maltipoo is an affectionate hybrid breed dog.

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