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While I LOVE all art, I believe that it should be beautiful AND should engage your sense of happiness. While traveling in Thailand a few years ago, I noticed something incredible in some paintings that were being sold by street artists. There seemed to be a sparkle to the paintings. At closer observation, I realized that they had been using glitter in their paintings. I was so intrigued! If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for anything that sparkles. I thought, how could I use this technique in my own paintings, even elevate it.

Would you believe that at the time of thinking this up, I didn't even know how to paint? When you have a dream, you need to pursue it! I quickly decided to just jump in and make it happen. A few years later, I have launched my line called "sparKAli."

I hope you will find each of my paintings as beautiful as I do. All have taken some time to create. I am inspired by so much of the beauty that exists in the world. I am happy to do customized orders! Just fill out the form below. 

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