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Top 15 Preliminary Evening Gown Scores - Miss Universe 2022

My absolute favorite competition category for any pageant is the evening gown. I just love the designs, the glitz and the glamour of it all. There is almost always a dichotomy of an outstanding evening gown that is being worn by a delegate that may not be very competitive.

This post is not about my favorite evening gowns, I'll post about that after the pageant. Instead, this is about my top 15 Scoring Gowns, so basically the best 15 Delegates in the Evening Gown competition. Remember, this is my own opinion and I do this because it is fun and love sharing my thoughts. Scoring was done as I watched the preliminary competition online and each delegate was scored from a 7.5 to a 10.0.

#15 - South Africa - Score: 9.21

#13 - TIE - Italy & Paraguay - Score: 9.22