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Miss Universe 2022 - Best National Costume

One of my FAVORITE competitions for Miss Universe is the National Costume. It is always very creative, colorful and wonderful to learn about the inspiration for each country's costume. This year I scored each of the costume presentation and you are welcome to see my scores at the bottom. I will be providing my Top 10 Costumes with a brief description. Remember, this is all for fun and JUST my opinion if I were a judge. Here goes...

NOTE: Not all pictures are from competition night.

#10 - Mexico - A wonderful rendition of one of Mexico's national dresses. This costume is adorned with buttons, flowers and Swarovski crystals throughout. Score: 9.41

#9 - Indonesia - Representing early Indonesian sailors, this costume brings together boat and sea into a fantastic shining imagery. It looked great in movement! Score: 9.43

#8 - Ghana - Imagine Ghana's first female warrior. What would she look like? It screams a Wakanda dream. The tribute was well done in all gold with images of Ghanian women on the front. Score: 9.46