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Miss Universe 2022 - Top Scores For Miss Universe Aura

Miss Universe has three categories that determine the semifinalists for competition night: Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Interview. The latter is usually closed door and not televised, so it is hard to gauge how candidates do in this segment. The lack of knowing often affects many fan predictions. In my scoring, I substitute the Interview category for "Miss Universe Aura." This is a combination of charisma, poise, elegance and crown worthiness that is garnished through their on stage presence during the Preliminary Competition. Each delegate is scored from 7.50-10.00. Below, please find my Top 15 Scores for Miss Universe Aura:

15. Panama - Score: 9.20

14. Vietnam - Score: 9.23

13. Honduras - Score: 9.25

12. Thailand - Score: 9.26