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Miss Universe 2022 Preliminary Competition - Top 15

Miss Universe is one of my favorite pageants as it has a rich history dating back to 1952. Through the years, they have maintained exceptional standards, have been transparent with their competition and have had diverse winners. The pageant has also done a great job allowing its fans to get involved by voting for various awards or having access to all parts of the competition like the ability to see the Preliminary Competition. These have allowed fans to network and celebrate their common love for the pageant. It's also allowed pageant fan"atics" the ability to have some fun by choosing their top candidates, and in some cases, doing their own scoring! That's me! Most years I have sat down and spend time scoring each candidate in the various categories that they compete in. The ability to do this has recently been an opportunity thanks to technology. As longs at the organization allows, I will continue to participate!

My process is sitting through the Preliminary Competition with my spreadsheet and rating each candidate from 7.5-10.00 based on their performance. Usually, my score is a soul found feeling based on the delegate's charisma, energy, poise and beauty. At the pageant, each Miss Universe candidate is scored in the categories of Interview, Swimsuit and Evening Gown in order to figure out the Top 15/16/20 (depending on what the pageant chooses as that years' semifinalist amount). The interviews are closed doors and as such, they are not televised. Thus, fans are not privy to this part of the competition and this may often be the reason why predictions have some surprises. In my process, I score the candidates in the following categories: Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Miss Universe Aura. The latter is based on the feeling I get of if the candidate has the aura to wear the crown, is she "crown worthy." I try VERY hard to not have "sash factor" play into my overall scoring so I often go with my gut reaction based on the performance. Once all scores are tallied, I come up with my final list of semi-finalists.

I am happy to present to you my Top 15 for semi-finalist positions for Miss Universe 2022. Now, this is for fun as I LOVE pageants, please do not get offended that your delegate did not make the list. I am but one man, with one opinion and my analysis is just for fun!


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Swimsuit. You can find those HERE.


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Evening Gowns. You can find those HERE.


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Miss Universe Aura. You can find those HERE.


This year there are so many strong delegates that I had to include all of these that could potentially make it to the semifinals!

  • Netherlands - Ona Moody - #16 On My Scoring - Ona surprised me in her performance! She was brilliant, she oozed sweetness and had the "girl next door" quality. However, this is typically NOT what Miss Universe looks for, so she may get overlooked because of this.