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Miss Universe 2022 Preliminary Competition - Top 15

Miss Universe is one of my favorite pageants as it has a rich history dating back to 1952. Through the years, they have maintained exceptional standards, have been transparent with their competition and have had diverse winners. The pageant has also done a great job allowing its fans to get involved by voting for various awards or having access to all parts of the competition like the ability to see the Preliminary Competition. These have allowed fans to network and celebrate their common love for the pageant. It's also allowed pageant fan"atics" the ability to have some fun by choosing their top candidates, and in some cases, doing their own scoring! That's me! Most years I have sat down and spend time scoring each candidate in the various categories that they compete in. The ability to do this has recently been an opportunity thanks to technology. As longs at the organization allows, I will continue to participate!

My process is sitting through the Preliminary Competition with my spreadsheet and rating each candidate from 7.5-10.00 based on their performance. Usually, my score is a soul found feeling based on the delegate's charisma, energy, poise and beauty. At the pageant, each Miss Universe candidate is scored in the categories of Interview, Swimsuit and Evening Gown in order to figure out the Top 15/16/20 (depending on what the pageant chooses as that years' semifinalist amount). The interviews are closed doors and as such, they are not televised. Thus, fans are not privy to this part of the competition and this may often be the reason why predictions have some surprises. In my process, I score the candidates in the following categories: Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Miss Universe Aura. The latter is based on the feeling I get of if the candidate has the aura to wear the crown, is she "crown worthy." I try VERY hard to not have "sash factor" play into my overall scoring so I often go with my gut reaction based on the performance. Once all scores are tallied, I come up with my final list of semi-finalists.

I am happy to present to you my Top 15 for semi-finalist positions for Miss Universe 2022. Now, this is for fun as I LOVE pageants, please do not get offended that your delegate did not make the list. I am but one man, with one opinion and my analysis is just for fun!


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Swimsuit. You can find those HERE.


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Evening Gowns. You can find those HERE.


I previously posted my Top 15 scores in Miss Universe Aura. You can find those HERE.


This year there are so many strong delegates that I had to include all of these that could potentially make it to the semifinals!

  • Netherlands - Ona Moody - #16 On My Scoring - Ona surprised me in her performance! She was brilliant, she oozed sweetness and had the "girl next door" quality. However, this is typically NOT what Miss Universe looks for, so she may get overlooked because of this.

  • Vietnam - Chau Nguyen - #17 On My Scoring - Chau represented Vietnam quite well! I enjoyed her gown and her walk. There were parts of her performance that fell flat in her facial expressions. I surmise this may be the reason her scores kept her out of my Top 15. However, I think she could get that 16th Spot which is the Viewer's Vote.

  • Paraguay - Lia Aymara Duarte Ashmore - #18 On My Scoring - Lia brought it!!! I am actually surprised that she is not part of my Top 15. She oozed sexiness, model and looked ready to be crowned. I actually expect her to make it to the Top 15.

  • Angola - Swelia Da Silva Antonio - #19 On My Scoring - Swelia is such a lovely delegate! She is one of my sentimentle favorites. I think she may also suffer from the same thing that Netherlands does, seems very sweet. She competed quite well and I would not be surpised if she made it!

  • Philippines - Celeste Cortesi - #20 On My Scoring - Well, the ABSOLUTE BIGGEST shock in my scoring. I know that I am going to be bashed by my Philippino comrades, but let me explain. I actually think Celeste performed better at her national pageant. For some reason, she had low energy and just did not bring it the way she did at her national level. I also was not a fan of the evening gown. I think it was not the right color for her. As such, her scores did not put her in my Top 15. However, do I think she will make the semi-finals, YES!

  • Ukraine - Viktoriia Apanasenko - #21 On My Scoring - Perhaps everyone's heartful favorite because of what is happening in her war torn country. However, don't pity Viktoriia, she came to compete and that she did. She could easily make it among the semifinals!

  • Ecuador - Nayelhi Gonzalez - #22 On My Scoring - I just loved watching Nayelhi!!! She is also another "sweet girl next door." I think she competed quite well and could also be part of the semi's.

  • Indonesia - Laksmi De Neefe Suardana - #24 On My Scoring - Another absolute shock in my scoring is Indonesia being left out of the Top 15. However, I think she performed too serious. Even the picture below exemplified her presentation. She did not exude warmth and happiness. I think she needed to find that balance. However, she can easily make it with the Viewer's Vote.

  • Mauritius - Alexandrine Belle-Etoille - #27 On My Scoring - Another sentimentle favorite. Alexandrine is undoubtedly her country's best delegate, ever!!! She is gorgeous and competed quite well. Will the judges reward her with being her country's first placement? We shall see...

  • Bahrain - Evlin Khalifa - #29 On My Scoring - I was torn as to whether to include Evlin in this list. I think she did well but was not a stand out for me. I think she could make it for political reasons as it was her country's first time in Miss Universe and her challenge to the conventional swimsuit has opened the doors for many!

#15 - ITALY - Virginia Stablum - Score: 9.193

Virginia performed quite qell! She is not the typical Italian beauty that we are used to seeing at Miss Universe, or any pageant for that matter. This may be why she stood out. Her gown was not among my favorites, but she worked it the way she was supposed to!

#14 - SOUTH AFRICA - Ndavi Noker - Score: 9.207

The regalness, the warmth, the sexiness, the joy of seeing this ebony beauty from South Africa was wonderful! I think Ndavi earned her Top 15 spot. I also think that she is quite the speaker thus I think she will score well in that category. I expect her among the Top 15.

#13 - VENEZUELA - Amanda Dudamel - Score: 9.210

At one point, Venezuela almost did not make my list. First, we cannot deny that Amanda is GORGEOUS. The gown did not land high on my list and this may be what brought her down. I think she was out performed by some of the other delegates higher on my list.

#12 - THAILAND - Anna Sueangam-iam - Score: 9.220

Another delegate that almost did not make my list but I am glad that she did! This also came down to the gown. Anna is seductive, gorgeous and holds a great Miss Universe Aura. She could easily walk away with the crown.

#11 - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Tya Jane Ramey - Score: 9.253

The dark horse! Well, Tya Jane surprised EVERYONE, but not me, I know she had it! The former Miss World Caribbean, brought it on competition night and exuded confidence, strength and sent a message of "I am ready and want this job" to the judges. Also, DO NOT underestimate her in interview. She has been described as the best speaker at this year's pageant, so I would not be shocked to see her among the top 15.

#10 - JAMAICA - Toshami Calvin - Score: 9.257

Toshami, I think under-performed. I think she could have placed higher on my list. She did not stand out as much as I thought she would, which only goes to say that she has the potential to take the crown. She has to bring it. For me, she brought enough for this inclusion!

#9 - ARUBA - Kiara Arends - Score: 9.270

Kiara, her country's best representative since 1995...Wow, she is sexy, can bring a multitude of looks and is ready. However, I can see how she can be easily looked over. If I had to pick someone on my list that may not make it, she might be it!

#8 - PANAMA - Solaris Barba - Score: 9.283

Another seductive and competitive candidate. Not since the likes of Justine Pasek have we seen a strong competitor like this from Panama. Solaris brought the magic to the stage. She could easily get into the Top 5!

#7 - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Andreina Martinez - Score: 9.380

What a performance!!!! Andreina said "WATCH ME" and we did! She was spectacular in each round. I will be heartbroken if she does not make it but I expect that she will.

#6 - PUERTO RICO - Ashley Carino - Score: 9.430

Another strong delegate from the Caribbean! Ashley wants this and you could see that in her performance. She did well. I think this is someone that can easily make it to Top 5 and can walk away with the crown!

#5 - PERU - Alessia Rovegno - Score: 9.490

This modelesque beauty kind of came out of no where for me. She seemed sweet and sexy and had the balance needed to make people love her. Again, she is a surprise for me, but a good surprise!

#4 - USA - R'Bonney Gabriel - Score: 9.503

R'Bonney had something to prove. She has been battling drama at her national pageant and nailed the coffin shut to let others know that she was the rightful winner! She is intelligent, a great speaker, beautiful and can work that stage!!! She's a shoo in!

#3 - COLOMBIA - Maria Fernanda Aristizabal - Score: 9.540

I highly expect Maria to be one of the final two. I don't know how else to say it, this woman is GORGEOUS!!! She performed remarkably and should easily be included in the top 15! Colombia could have it's next Miss Universe crown!

#2 - MEXICO - Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela - Score: 9.580

Irma shocked us all!!!! I don't think any of us saw her performance being that great during prelims, but it was. She was fantastic!!!! Now, while her scores reflect second place on my list, sadly I think as we compare her to other delegates on stage when they stand side by side, she may not score as well. I do expect her to be in the Top 15.

#1 - CURACAO - Gabriela Dos Santos - Score: 9.800

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for the crown, regardless of scoring. Gabriela has EVERYTHING!!!! She outperformed everyone during prelims. I expect her to be in the Top 15, Top 10, Top 5 and Top 1!

Below, please find my scoring for all of the delgates.



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